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In the evening on the September 9th, a Social Dinner will be held in l’Estació de França in Barcelona. The Social Dinner costs 36,30 EUR.


                You can register and pay for this dinner directly in the registration form in case you have not been registered to the congress yet.

If you have been registered but you have not selected this option to attend to the Dinner in the moment of the registration, you can register by sending an email to and request the dinner ticket to join. The reservation will be confirmed in the moment of the confirmation payment. More information about payment will be provided once we received your request per email. 


Dinner Venue – Estació de França (Barcelona)

The Social Dinner will take place at l’Estació de França, in Barcelona.

Avenida Marqués de la Argentera, S/N, 08003, Barcelona.

The Estació de Fança, Barcelona's grand station, is a showcase of good taste and monumental architecture. 

It stands on the site of the old Granollers station from where the first train from Barcelona to Mataró departed in 1848. It was the only station located inside the city walls and this made it necessary to make a hole in the sea wall and build a bridge over the pit that had been excavated. The distinctive curved layout of the tracks is the result of having to bypass the military fortress.

In 1926, Barcelona was undergoing sweeping transformations and preparing itself for the 1929 International Exhibition. One of the projects was the Estació de França, designed by the engineer Andreu Muntaner and the architect Pedro Muguruza. They both joined forces to provide all the elements necessary to create a modern and elegant station worthy of the first line connecting Barcelona and France. 

In the Estació, the same is true of the noucentista-style lobby, designed by Duran Reynals, creating a spacious area ideal for all kinds of activities. An elegant clock keeps accurate time and there is also a model of the station. The lobby and buildings around the tracks were constructed from luxury materials, including marble and bronze, which give the station its characteristic ornate appearance.



How to arrive


47, 59, H14, D20, V13, V15, V19


R2/R13/R14/R15/R16 - Barcelona - Estació de França




Pla de Palau

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